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Caliber - Revolutionary Thing

What we realized was not only to integrate the concepts we have listed in the overview, e.g.

  • reflective cognitive and common sense architectures,
  • total quality management, and
  • the reality-virtuality-continuum,

    as the basis of a large Turing machine respectively an operating system, which taken alone is one of the many revolutionary steps, and not only to take multimodal user interface technologies, e.g.

  • natural language processing for a speech interface and
  • sound processing for an audio interface, as well as
  • graphic processing for a graphic interface and
  • video processing for a vision interface,

    but all modalities together, especially the four named interfaces, as the essential part of the cognitive processing and the storage system of OntoLinux.
    Descartes Mind and Body
    In fact, this is a further one of the revolutionary steps, because in this way not only the operating system and the avatars have reflec- tive cognitive and common sense capabilities, but the reflection exists also between

  • the mind of the user and its equivalent of her/his virtual entity respectively avatar,
  • the software, or said more precisely, the large Turing machine in form of an operating system with her/his digital existential extension, or
  • the machine, e.g. a robot, that is powered by OntoLinux, and controlled by the user or acting autonomously.

    Furthermore, the concept of the Caliber is founded on the latest accepted physics of the universe, especially on

  • time and space, and on
  • information theory,

    which in fact is again a further revolutionary step, even if taken alone, because in this way not only the mind, but also the body of the user is reflected uniquely in the whole universe by her/his avatar as well.

    Flammarion Wood Engraving

    Singularity Ontoverse
    But to stop the explanation at this point would not be correct. Due to the general characteristics and features as listed in the overview, and the fact that in this way the Caliber of an Ontologic System has the abilities to internally as well as externally

  • create,
  • change,
  • model,
  • test,
  • simulate, and
  • handle

    in further ways

  • software,
  • hardware, and
  • informations,
  • even itself and
  • the hardware it is running on, and
  • also extends the accepted physics by being an active entity,

    it represents something new:
    A singularity that is kernel-less reflective/fractal/holonic by being based on O#, and that spreads an universe of its own, which was coined by us Ontoverse.
    C.S. Evidence

    Paving the Way by Bridging the Gap
    If taking all together, the reflections of the body and the mind by one digital existential entity that can act internally and externally by creating a singularity in a universally sound way, then this paves the way for technologies like they are decribed in the webpages Onto- logic Applications and Terms of the 21st Century, like for example:

  • Brain Machine Interface,
  • Extended Identity,
  • Virtual Reality, and
  • Augmented Reality, but also
  • Teleportation #1 Stellar,
  • Teleportation #2 Interstellar, and
  • Warp Velocity and Hyperspace.

    OntoLinux has the function of the interface that bridges the gap between the old universe and the new Ontoverse, so that living beings are able to

  • understand it,
  • walk the paved way, and
  • reach their goals.

    And yes, we do know its deeper meaning, but we thought it is better to publicate it under the correct label, Ontologics OntoLi♥♥x, than to hold it back.

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    Christian Stroetmann GmbH