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Basic Properties
Integrating Architecture
Snow Crash and the Metaverse
Snow White and the Magic Mirror World

OntoLi♥♥x is an Ontologic System based on Li♥x and was started as the multimedia work of art titled Evolutionary operating system (Evoos), which

  • is described by C.S. in the documents
  • has as its theoretical foundations
    • Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development in the field of developmental psychology, like some few other systems developed before in the field of e.g. Artificial Intelligence (AI), and also the
    • dynamical systems theory and related theories,
    • information processing theory, and
    • other neo-Piagetian theories of cognitive development and processing, as well as
    • information theory, specifically its subfield Algorithmic information theory (AIT),


  • was also the first step of creating C.S.'
    • self-reflection, self-image, or self-portrait, and
    • cybernetic reflection, augmentation, and extension

as part of these self-expressive works of art that also defined the new field of Ontonics.

In the following development steps the Evoos itself evolved into a much general and larger system (see also the section Annotations of the webpage Roboverse) that eventually became what we called an Ontologic System.

Basic Properties
OntoLi♥♥x integrates concepts of the fields of:

  • Operating System (OSys),
    • Reflective Operating System (ROS),
    • Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS),
    • Capability-based Operating System (CapOS),
    • Agent-Based Operating System (ABOS), and
    • Artificial Intelligence Operating System (AIOS),
  • Data Base Management System (DBMS),
    • Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS),
    • NoSQL
      • Object-Oriented Data Base Management System (OODBMS),
      • Object Relational Data Base Management System (ORDBMS),
      • Graph Data Base Management System (GDBMS),
      • Key-Value Data Base Management System (KVDBMS), and
      • Multi-Model Data Base Management System (MMDBMS),
    • NewSQL,
  • Agent System
    • Multi-Agent System (MAS) and
    • Cognitive Agent System (CAS),
  • Operations Management (OM)
    • Business Process Management (BPM) and
    • Workflow Management (WfM),
  • Quality Management (QM)
    • Total Quality Management (TQM) and
    • International Organization for Standardization 9000 (ISO 9000),
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
    • Systems Engineering (SE),
    • Product and Portfolio Management (PPM),
    • Computer-Aided technologies (CAx),
      • Computer-Aided Design (CAD),
      • Computer-Aided Industrial Design (CAID),
      • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), and also
      • Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE), and
      • Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), as well as
      • Computer-Aided Production Engineering (CAPE) or Computer-Aided Production Planning (CAPP/CAP), and
      • Computer-Aided Quality (CAQ) assurance,
    • Product Data Management (PDM),
    • Manufacturing Process Management (MPM),
    • Collaborative Product Development (CPD), and
    • Maintenance, Repair and Operations Management (MRO)
  • Problem Solving Environment (PSE),
  • Mediated Reality Environment (MedRE)
    • Augmented Reality Environment (ARE),
    • Augmented Virtuality Environment (AVE),
    • Virtual Reality Environment (VRE), and
    • Mixed Reality Environment (MRE),
  • Synthetic Reality Environment (SRE).
by having the characteristics of (mostly) being:
  • simple,
  • highly expressive,
  • non-deterministic and deterministic,
  • geometric,
  • shallow- and deep-inferencing,
  • bureaucracy-free,
  • well-structured and -formed,
  • validated and verified,
  • specification- and proof-carrying,
  • kernel-less reflective/fractal/holonic,
  • self-adaptive,
  • self-organizing,
  • self-regenerative,
  • intelligent, as well as
  • collaborative.

Integrating Architecture
OntoLi♥♥x is build around a special abstraction of a layered system architecture with homogeneous, heterogeneous, synchronous, and also asynchronous modules. Seen as a classical layered reflective agent system, it has much in common with the H-CogAff architec- ture and the Emotion Machine architecture.

OntoLi♥♥x is not an agent system running on top of an operating system with connections to and/or integrations of a database management system, and other tools, systems, and environments like those mentioned above. It is based on a whole new system architecture which integrates all in one, and which is called by us Caliber/Calibre like in Horology.

Snow Crash and the Metaverse
In Neal Stephenson's novel "Snow Crash" a near-future America and the so-called metaverse are described, Stephenson's version of the global information structure, which could be seen as a three-dimens- ional audio and visual "consensual hallucinations", [William Gibson, "Neuromancer"], of a planet-size virtual city built around the mystic- al powers-of-two and cartoon physics with up to 120 million cheap avatars as the representatives.
To the features of Stephenson's metaverse belong the Built-In Operating System (BIOS), World Wide Web (WWW), specifically the Web 2.0, some aspects of mirrorworlds, like our OntoGlobe/OntoEarth and in some parts other 3D maps and earth simulations/virtual globes, and a fully immersive Collaborative Virtual (Reality (VR)) Environment (see also OntoCOVE) with standard avatars that feature a standard physical simulation of the environment and the avatars' behaviour, which is also controlled by a common low Artificial Intelligence (AI), and some aspects of the agent-oriented software approach (see also the subsection Intelligent/Cognitive Agent of our Links to Software webpage), besides a small subset of a Multimodal Multimedia User Interface (M²UI).

Snow White and the Magic Mirror World
Said this, our Ontologic System (OS) architecture and the related operating system platforms OntoLix and OntoLinux are more than only an "effort to bridge map worlds and the real world", and already constitute the foundation of what is described with the following: "It will look like the real earth, and it will support even more users than the Snow Crash cyberworld, functioning as the agora, laboratory, and gateway for almost every type of information-based pursuit. It will be accessible both in its immersive, virtual-reality form and through peepholes like the screen of your cell phone as you make your way through the real world." But our OS goes far beyond of this, as the public begins to understand:

  • what it truly is,
  • how it is functioning,
  • how fundamental its transformative power is, and
  • what all of this really means,

    because until today it was thought to be an extended Mixed Reality Environment (MRE) with somekind of the latest software, web, and hardware technologies only. But in fact this magic mirror world is our Ontoverse.

    Doubtlessly, what we have added to this concept of the metaverse with the start of OntoLix and OntoLinux in the year 2006 are already existing or by us invented concepts and technologies as listed on the webpages:

  • Caliber/Calibre,
  • Feature-Lists,
  • Components,
  • Links to Software,
  • Links to Hardware, and
  • Links to Organizations.
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