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Ontologic Applications

Ontologic System Technologies like OntoLinux enable entirely new types of systems and applications, ones that are intelligent in the sense of understanding the user's and also their own situation and goals. Machines are becoming now active participants in our world.

We have found out that OntoLinux can give a user undreamed-of possibilities in a number of different ways by:

  • allowing agents to be more proactive by letting them infer the goals of the user and ways to help the user achieve those goals,
  • simplifing the interface to machines by giving the user helpful recommendations,
  • simplifing the interface to complex applications by allowing the user to interact with them through common language, gesture, and sense,
  • helping the user to retrieve related informations, knowledge, and processes, and
  • improving context sensing by making use of multimodal user interfaces and other sensors.

Exampling Scenarios
OntoLinux can be applied in scenarios like the following:

  • An Ontologic System can decide to download the source code of its operating system kernel, compile the kernel, put it to an appropriate place, and initiate a reboot;
  • A Computer System, that is designed like an immobot, can analyze its state, keep-up itself running, optimize its func- tionality, and do many other useful things;
  • A Package Manager for open source software can be automized;
  • An Orthogonal Persistency can be established; or
  • A Mobile Telephone that decides itself what is an important call by learning the owner's habits;
  • A Search Engine that, when you entered spark for automobile, would show you in addition to the search results a map with the nearest service stations around your place and the prizes;
  • A Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), that knows where the user is, would remind the user to do urgent or funny things in context of that place; or
  • A Computer, that is able to sense the user's emotions, would respond with an appropriate behaviour.

This description continues to grow with new descriptions of ways of incorporating Ontologic System Technologies like OntoLinux into machines.

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